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30/10= Finally an LA without CARS!!

Simply stated, 30/10 means accomplishing 30 years’ worth of transit projects in just 10 year

Mayor Villaraigosa proposed the the “30/10” Initiative back in 2009 which basically  leverages $13 billion for 12 transit projects to expedite construction and bring jobs and environmental benefits to LA sooner.  THe concept of the 30/10 Initiative is to use the long-term revenue from the Measure R sales tax as collateral for long-term bonds and a federal loan which will allow Metro to build 12 key mass transit projects in 10 years, rather than 30. Accelerating construction of these 12 key Metro projects will result in substantial cost savings Successful implementation of the 30/10 Initiative will also deliver immediate benefits like hundreds of thousands of jobs to improve the local economy, reduce greenhouse emissions and ease traffic congestion. The 30/10 Initiative is both an unprecedented step forward for LA County and a model of progress for the entire nation.

Copied Straight from the Source

Mayor’s Press Release

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