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Exciting Plans for Black History Month Straight out of Compton

As Compton continues an amazing rebirth, the city has planned an exciting list of events in recognizing Black History month.

The following activities will take place throughout the month of February:

On the 18th, Enterprise zone annual seminar.

The seminar will focus on how small businesses may obtain contracts for projects through the Stimulus program. Featured speakers will represent the public and private sector markets.

On the 19th, it’s Mardi Gras

A time of celebration and enjoyment for parents and children.

On the 21st, it’s President’s Day

On the 25th, it’s Senior citizens’ Black history program

The senior citizens of Compton are a valuable resource to the young generation. There is an attitude that senior citizens have lived their life and it’s time for them to relax. Even though that may be true physically, they have much to contribute in terms of wisdom and understanding.

On the 27th, it’s the Explorer’s banquet

On the 28th, it’s the Explorer’s banquet and Block club commission

Come out and Support!!!

Compton’s Black History Month Celebration

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