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Crenshaw Fresh and Easy have Residents saying Redo!!

The city of Los Angeles has approved the British supermarket chain Fresh and Easy to be built on the corner of 52nd Street and Crensahw.  In an area where supermarkets are the minority to an endless supply of fast food restaurants, this project is definitely a positive and great element to add to the area in which many residents agree, however, the design, very strip mally looking, which the rest of LA has done away with in efforts to make LA more pedestrian friendly, have Crenshaw Residents on edge.  Residents of the Crenshaw District are asking that the mall lose its strip mall appearance, by hiding the parking, in which many other supermarkets, and projects being built around LA are doing, such as the Pavilions Supermarket in West Hollywood, where they’re parking is on the roof of and enclosed by a small retail center. 

Not so Easy is it, Fresh and…..Easy?

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