Just Another Day In SouthLA

An Artsy Side of Inglewood


Back in 09, LA Times did an article on a Growing Art Scene that has landed on the North end of Labrea Blvd. in Inglewood (aka “Do 65 Up To the Don’s Blvd”)  heading up into the hills.  Perhaps because of that 65mph speed limit I constantly miss this growing art trends that’s getting so big that on North Labrea that Inglewood has it’s own art walk.   This would normally excite me however with an”Arts Distct” comes that good ol “G” word Culver City and Downtown LA know ohh so well now, Gentrification.  With North Inglewood being at the foothill of Ladera Heights and Windsor Hills, don’t know how feel about that area being choosen for the Art District, why not Market Street in the heart of Downtown Inglewood?  Nontheless, I can only hope the area doesn’t lose a complete focus of the people it has served over numerous years and in turn serve as a Harlem of the West Coast. 

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