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Hawthorne Vs. Walmart

Even though Walmart is planned for neighboring city El Segundo, Hawthorne officials have sprung into action to ensure the city has its say about a store.  It is not for sure that Walmart will move into the industrial east side of El Segundo being that no applications have been filed nor has any confirmation of such plans.  Still, Hawthorne’s City Council last week unanimously passed a resolution calling for its planning staff and City Attorney’s Office to “monitor” the situation and weigh in on any potential environmental review. “This is for us to take an active role to try to mitigate them putting it in here,” Councilman Danny Juarez said. “It’s not going to be El Segundo residents affected by this. Hawthorne is going to be affected.” Hawthorne officials have opposed Wal-Mart in the past, arguing the company is not union-friendly and that a store could generate too much traffic. The owner of the Hawthorne Plaza mall, which has been shuttered for decades, attempted to open a Walmart at the location on Hawthorne Boulevard at 120th Street a few years ago. Council members quashed the idea.

Hawthorne VS. Walmart

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