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Yes I Like It……..Leimert Park Art Walk!

Did you know Leimert Park Village has it’s own Art Walk, the historical enclave of black culture and arts, has been showing signs of new life lately, and not a moment too soon.  On Leimert Boulevard, native son and internationally renowned artist Mark Bradford works out of a studio that has piqued new interest in the neighborhood in fine art circles. And for the last two summers, a homegrown music and arts festival has been successfully staged in a city parking lot.

Organized by Ben Caldwell, proprietor of the new media education center Kaos Network and a Leimert Park mainstay, the art walk launched as an experiment last June and has quietly been gathering momentum ever since. Held on the last Sunday of every month in the lobby of the Vision Theater and three storefronts on 43rd Place facing Leimert Plaza Park, it showcases artists and features other attractions such as music performances, film screenings, crafts, food and a kid’s pavilion.  The community festival vibe is hardly new to Leimert, which hosts similar events — Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Day — throughout the year. What is new is that buzz about the art walk was created almost entirely online, chiefly through social networking sites like Facebook.

Leirmert Park Art Walk

Not Only in Downtown, Artwalk growing in in Leimert Park Village

2 comments on “Yes I Like It……..Leimert Park Art Walk!

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  2. Gwen Allen
    August 20, 2012

    Hi Devin, I like your site; great site to highlight the good in our community. Love it! Gwen

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