Just Another Day In SouthLA

South LA gets wetlands park; Mosquitoes rejoice

South LA Wetland Park
Mosquitoes field day

I hate mosquitoes, I’ll just let that be known from the get go.  They suck the very life from our unaware bodies then fly away and taunt us with their scary over sized legs. They spread infectious diseases without care and if it was up to them they’d bleed you, your dog and your child dry!

Ahem, South LA’s 9th district had broken ground on a new green project to turn an old Metro Railway yard into a urban wetland (breeding ground for mosquitoes!). The project is a $8 million dollar deal passed with Proposition O and all together took $19 million dollars to help fund to turn the ENTIRE CITY BLOCK into a  wetland that will use collected storm water to help sustain the delicate ecosystem (OF MOSQUITOES!).

It’s planned to open in December this year (2011)

Source: KCET

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