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California Taking Steps to EDUCATE on REAL ESTATE

“The NID Housing Counseling Agency (NID-HCA) and the California Department of Real Estate have announced a partnership in an innovative program to increase the knowledge and understanding of Californians for real estate financial transactions.

The financial Literacy Program developed by the California Department of Real Estate is designed to educate Californians, from young adults through senior citizens, “with the power of real estate knowledge so that they will have a greater understanding of real estate transactions to protect them, as consumers, from being victimized by real estate fraud.”

Ms. Jacqueline Carlisle, Executive Director of the NID-HCA, based in northern California, announced the launch of the Financial Literacy course on April 7 and 8 during a national training of its key housing counseling branches in California and across the country. Ms. Carlisle said, “We are pleased to join the California Department of Real Estate in promoting the Financial Literacy program among our network of constituency groups.””

Check this Out on the Sentinel

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