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The Great Wall of……..the South Bay

Uri Nankin, who owns a printing business on the Los Angeles side of Western Avenue, fears a fence being built along the center median by the city of Torrance will block the views of his business from people passing by on the Torrance side of the street.

The median of Western Avenue divides Torrance from the bordering Harbor Gateway (Los Angeles)  and the city of Torrance is looking to (is building) a fence that will separate the suburban up-kept business park of Torrance from deteriorating businesses and residences across the street in Harbor Gateway.  But is this wrong,  Being that Torrance can do nothing to clean up Los Angeles incorporated Harbor Gateway, is it wrong for them to want to separate themselves from such an eye sour?

Now rising upon theWestern Avenuemedian for more than a half mile between 190th andCarsonstreets is a 4- to 5-foot-high wrought-iron fence funded by county taxpayers at a cost of about $890,000.  Eventually vegetation will eventually grow on and around it, creating a barrier some see as a symbol of the racial and economic divide on either side of the road.

SterlingChurch, owner of Trading Post Liquor and the Hole in the Wall Deli atTorrance BoulevardandWestern Avenuefor 37 years, calls the unfinished fence “crazy.”

“This side of the street is 1940s and 1950s (era buildings) – it’s pretty ugly,” he said. “That side of the street is really nice – it’s all upscale and redeveloped. It’s almost like a fence betweenSan DiegoandTijuana. It’s really strange, it’s like they don’t want to see our side of the road. I just don’t get it.” Picture 2 sisters, you date one you have to take the other out who’s completely hideous and a real buzz kill are you going to want to continue taking them out or find a way for you and the cute one to continue hanging out…..Unmmmm yea.

Great Wall of the South Bay

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