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Post and Beam Restaurant Now Open in Crenshaw District!!

Yesterday I had the honor of sitting down with Mr. Brad Johnson, Operator and Owner of the newest edition to the Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Plaza, Post and Beam Restaurant.  Mr. Johnson was such a delight to interview and seems to be very knowledgeable of the Restaurant Industry.  Mr. Johnson has 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and a little over 15 years in Los Angeles area, one of  his ventures he assisted BLT Burger in expanding which is now known as infamous “Go Burger” at the corner of Vine and Sunset.  Mr. Johnson also produced and operated such venues as the Roxbury, a tri-level restaurant, jazz bar and dance club in West Hollywood, Georgia, a Southern themed restaurant on Melrose, The Sunset Room in Hollywood, the VBar in Las Vegas’s Venetian Hotel and Windows, a 10,000 sq ft fine dining restaurant, bar and private event space located on the top floor of the AT&T building in downtown Los Angeles.  Mr. Johnson has long lineage of restaurant operating experience following his father who founded and operated The Cellar, on the Upper Westside of Manhattan for more than 20 years.

When envisioning Post and Beam, Mr. Johnson was inspired by the community, “I wanted to give the community what they were asking for,” Mr. Johnson stated.  In efforts to truly give the community what they had been longing for Mr. Johnson attended community development meetings to listen in on what the resident of the area were requesting and the end result was a suave, fresh, relaxing environment called Post and Beam.

The Post and Beam officially opened January 10th, after the previous week of soft openings, which had a really good turn out.  Post and Beam offers inside and outside seating with a fresh fruits and herb garden right on the premises, providing a very healthy choice for eating.  The house pizzas seem to be a favorite among guest, and with a wood burning stove right behind bar, I can definitely see why.  Mr. Johnson’s favorite pastime at the restaurant thus far is sitting in front of the wood burning stove with a nice cold beer and pizza watching the huge plasma TV over the bar.  Post and Beam doesn’t have anything in the works at the moment as far as events however Mr. Johnson did express that he did envision summer BBQ’s and Wine and Beer Nights as future events for the restaurant.  Post and Beam is a truly elegant and tranquil environment, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone, and make sure you try the Grilled Octopus with Garbanzo, it’s amazing!

3767 Santa Rosalia Dr, Baldwin Hills, CA 90008

Post and Beam Los Angeles

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