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HBCU of the Month: Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Christian College  is the January 2012 Historically Black College and University of the Month. Jarvis Christian College is an independent four-year, historically black college affiliated with the Christian Church.  Founded in 1912 near Hawkins, Texas, the Jarvis Christian Institute (renamed Jarvis Christian College in 1927), owed its existence to both the philanthropy of white Disciples of Christ and to the initiative of African American Disciples of Christ. On the one hand, J. J. Jarvis and his wife, Ida Van Zandt Jarvis, felt morally and divinely obligated to lift up formerly enslaved Africans in the Lone Star State. Mr. Jarvis, prodded by his wife, graciously gave 418 acres of land near Hawkins to establish the school that bears their name.

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HBCU of the Month: Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Christian College

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