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South LA Wetlands Park Open!

Last week District Nine Councilmember Jan Perry unveiled the $26 million South LA Wetlands Park off of Avalon Ave.  The four and one-half acres of wetlands sits on a nine-acre parcel planted with eighty-eight native trees and an abundance of plants. Running past the ameoba-shaped ponds are forty solar trees, and just over one mile of groomed dirt trails – accented with bridges – that take park-goers from a small parking lot at the entrance to a boulder garden on the opposite end of the site.

Artificial wetlands carved out from the industrial tundra of South Los Angeles were dedicated last week, giving neighborhood stakeholders and local schoolchildren the chance to go past the fence and explore the completed new green space for the first time.

The South Los Angeles Wetlands Park, re-purposed from a former bus and rail yard, expands ways to re-green a region through public space while cleaning up the waters.

Visitors enter the park off of Avalon, leaving behind a neighborhood packed with older homes, dusty warehouses, and small tiendas painted with Guadalupes. They are greeted by a fountain on the right, and an massive former garage on the left that later will be rehabbed into an education center and rail museum.

SouthLA Wetlands

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