110 Carpool Lanes Turning Express Lanes

If you haven’t heard yet or noticed the construction on the 110 Harbor Freeway yet, your missing the transformation of the Carpool Lane into Express Lanes.  Meaning now for a monthly or yearly fee anyone will be able to use the carpool lane.  The first Express sign went up on the Northbound 110 freeway at the Artesia Transit Center last week.  The lanes are scheduled to open this fall.

The Express Lanes project will allow single motorists to pay a toll to use the carpool lanes on the 110 freeway when there’s extra capacity. The toll will vary by time of day and level of traffic — the idea being to help spread traffic across all the freeway’s lanes and to raise money to help fund transit improvements.

ExpressLanes are also being installed on the 10 freeway between downtown L.A. and the 605 freeway — that segment is scheduled to open in early 2013.

Express Lanes on the 110 Fwy

11 thoughts on “110 Carpool Lanes Turning Express Lanes

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    • EXACTLY! Why is it they have so much imagination in thinking up ways to scam more money out of the public and use our tax dollars to spin it to sound like it was a loophole in the first place and this will fix that. All politicians suck!

    • Good luck with that one! Just like they have been ‘Borrowing’ from your Social Security fund for something like 30 years, have NEVER paid a single dime back, and now want us to make concessions because the system is going broke! And why do they NEVER talk about THEIR Retirement system FUNDED 100% by you and me which comes directly out of the general fund! Why does the news media NEVER talk about that system! Do you think any congressman is FORCED to join Medicare at 65? I think you know the answer to that! Exempt from that system too! Wonder why? Do you think maybe THEY have a separate one for themselves that is BETTER?!

    • The transponder has a switch for more than one driver. So I imaging they will snap your picture and review the image when the switch is on. The price of the lane use varies by traffic flow. It is pretty pricey if you ask me. Don’t know the price of the transponder as I find the whole thing a big SCAM! Why are we being asked to pay for using a system we already paid for years ago!!

  2. brilliant idea stupid fuckers now that you open the express lane to relief the congested traffic you make more traffic more congested on the regular lanes those lanes are empty now no everyone have the money to afford the express lanes

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