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Huge Jordan Downs Redevelopment

Jordan Downs is getting redeveloped into a live, work, play community.  All of the current 700 existing public housing units will be be replaced and  up to 1,100 new housing units of various types will be constructed on site, for a total of 1800 new units.” The new housing units will include affordable and market rate units in a combination of building types and heights. A diversity of new zones are proposed, combining mixed use buildings, neighborhood serving commercial, multi-family residential, public facilities, and open space to create a self sustaining urban village.  The project also encompasses  up to 502,000 square feet of commercial, retail, and light industrial uses along Alameda Street and up to 20,000 square feet of community serving, ground floor retail uses, as part of mixed use buildings along the Century Boulevard extension, a 6.38 acre Central Park and a 50,000 square foot Family Resource Center will replace the existing Jordan Downs Community Center.

New Jordan Downs 

Jordan on Curbed

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