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The KetchUp: LA’s Farmers Field

[UPDATE] So to catch up with Football talk around LA, we still currently have two(2) locations vying for our attention, the Industry City Stadium (yes way out in the City of Industry – about 40 minutes east of downtown) developed by Majestic Realty, and the Mike Tyson in the fight, the DTLA Farmers Field project, that is owned and developed by AEG, who also own the Staples Center.  The Stadium would be built where the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center currently resides.  However, with or without an exact stadium location decided upon, the NFL may be in LA sooner than later, and Pasadena wants to host them at the Rose Bowl, which is currently being renovated to more modern standards.  The city[Pasadena], along with other cities, Commerce, support the idea, stating that Pasadena already has the infrastructure to house a team for a couple of years.     Here are some photos that favor Farmers Fields newest look.

Now, as far as team(s) go, we are still unsure about that.   There is talk about two(2) additional expansion teams in LA because just one would simply be ridiculous, would give the league an odd 33 teams.  Theres also talk about moving an already existing California team  to LA but only time will tell what we get out here.

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LA’s New NFL Team(s)

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