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Six Flags to become new RollerCoaster Capital

Six Flags of the Southland is introducing a new ride and possibly another new ride summer 2013.  The 2012 new ride, “The Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom” add to collection of thrill rides and rollercoasters of Six Flags Magic Mountain.  The Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom drop tower will be attached to both sides of the park’s 415-foot-tall Superman: Escape from Krypton coaster tower.  The new thrill ride will rank as the world’s tallest (400 feet) and fastest (85 mph) drop tower.  Now the new 2013 ride, which was leaked by worker who doesn’t represent the park says the ride will be terrain hugging coaster and will be built in the center of the park  where the Log Flume Ride was and  will allow Six Flags Magic Mountain to surpass Cedar Point as the Rollercoaster Capital.

Six Flags Introduce new rides

Six Flags Facebookpage

One comment on “Six Flags to become new RollerCoaster Capital

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