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EatSouthLA: B&R Burgers

B&R Burger is located in the South LA City of Hawthorne. B&R Burger is truly a diamond in the ruff with some of the best burgers I’ve enjoyed in while.  The burgers seem to be homemade and offer a real patty on fresh produce.  Normally they have large soft french fries but lately I feel like they have been skimping on the fries and my fries were burned so there where only a couple that I could actually enjoy.  The thing that the bothered me the most was the customer service.  I called in and was told it would be about 15 to 20 mins arrived 25 mins later and still had to wait 15 minutes when it wasn’t busy at all.  And when I asked the cashier about it, I’m not really sure what happened, he confirmed it was gonna take an additional 20 minutes and just stared at me for like 30 secs straight.  I feel for as much as those burgers cost B&R’s either need to invest in their atmosphere or their customer service to retain their customers or they might not have many more.  Even with the what I call “Sometimes” customer services, sometimes they’re nice sometimes they’re not, if you want a real burger I would definitely recommend B&R Burger.


B&R on Yelp

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