Just Another Day In SouthLA

Crenshaw Subway Coalition Community Meeting

Crenshaw Subway Coalition Community Meeting
Saturday, April 14th 12:30 pm – 2 pm
Angeles Mesa Elementary School Auditorium
2611 W. 52nd Street, L.A. 90043
(corner of 52nd Street & 5th Avenue)

Join us for our community meeting this Saturday as we plan for the SHOWDOWN AT MTA where we will swarm the April 26 MTA board meeting to request adoption of “The People’s Motion.”


Metro has two major requirements when building a major project: 1) It has to be studied (i.e. environmentally cleared through an Environmental Impact Report); and 2) it has to be funded.

Though the Leimert Park Village station has NOT been funded by Metro it has been environmentally cleared.  This means that if the construction firms bidding on the Crenshaw-LAX Line contract bid low enough or if the project budget is increased, the station it can be built as part of the line.

Comparatively, the Park Mesa Heights tunnel, which would change the street-level section on Crenshaw Blvd from 48th to 59th street to underground has NOT been environmentally cleared.  This means that even if bids are low enough to integrate the tunnel into the project or additional resources are added to the project budget, the tunnel still could not be built.  This is major procedural hurdle that impedes all elements of our and our elected official’s attempts to make the tunnel possible.

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