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Community Activist Damien Goodmon Speaks on the Expo Line

Expo Line runs directly adjacent to Dorsey High School where approximately 700 kids will cross the tracks daily during rush hour, however Beverly Hills High School doesn’t want a subway some thousand feet below them.  Huh?  I have argued discussed this topic several times with several different people for and against both rails however I still find myself extremely perplexed on how all of this is possible.  The original plans for the Expo Line call for the trains jet right pass Dorsey High at street level.  Thanks to Community Activist Damien Goodmon  for the leading the great fight to at least put a stop at Farmdale to slow the trains down where Doresey High Students have to cross the tracks.  Mr. Goodmon and his committee proposed to Metro  that the train needed to either be below or above grade (above or below street level) at Farmdale to keep children from being the victims of speeding trains.  Here’s a video describing Mr. Goodmon’s views on the Expo Line.  Please feel free to leave any questions or opinions you may have on the matter.

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