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EatSouthLA: Southern Girl Desserts Newest Location – Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall


Yesterday, Catarah Hamphire, fellow HBCU alum and co-owner of Southern Girl Desserts, SGD, took a moment away from her busy day to sit down with  a fellow writer for SouthLA and me in SGD’s newest location, the renovated Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall, next to the Sears.  And might I say from the first time you walk into the bakery you are greeted with warm smiles and the delicious aroma of the  Girls desserts.  Before I even entered the establishment I was warmly greeted by one of the employees telling me about a current promotion going on with the bakery.  He was extremely polite and genuine, if I hadn’t already planned on entering the store, after speaking with this employee I would  have definitely stopped in.  Once  I entered the bakery I was truly amazed.  The atmosphere was great! The new Baldwin Hills Crenshaw location featured floor to ceiling windows, views of the kitchen and desserts being prepared, and warm cozzy seating area with fresh flowers as the the table centers.  Catarah blessed me and my co-writer with SGD favorites, the Red Velvet Cupcake and the Sweet Potato Cupcake.  OMG!!!!! Amazing and I don’t even normally like sweet potatoe.  Both cupcakes were extremely delicious, which were only two of a variety oFdifferent types of cupcakes.  Catarah also mentioned something about Long Day Hennessy and Coke cupcake, that I will be purchasing on my next visit (later today).  Catarah also hinted at the creation of a diabetic cupcake, SGD is .truly thinking of everybody.  I was embarrassed to actually devour the cupcakes how I really wanted to in front of Catarah so I tried to save them ’till I got home, but lets just say neither cupcake ever made into my house.

The new Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall location is the Girls second location to a Wilshire Vista location on West Pico.  SGD is bringing some great desserts along with some great Southern Hospitality, make sure you stop by and try out these delicious desserts, I am willing to even go on record saying Southern Girl Desserts may be our new Kreme of the Krop, Yea I Said It!

SGD on Yelp!

Southern Baking in Los Angeles

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