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Metro to Santa Ana via South County (Gateway Cities)

An Analysis Report has been released on the Pacific Electric Row, Santa Ana Branch, light rail from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Ana by way of the the Eastern and Southern Cities of Los Angeles County.  The Downey Beat describes the light rail as, “…. providing cutting-edge, fast transportation to some of Southern California’s poorest residents.”  I wouldn’t say all of that.  The Southern California Association of Government and cities in southeast Los Angeles County want the public to build a mass transit system on the old Pacific Electric right of way.   The  Light Rail would leave Union Station traveling through Vernon, Bell, Cudhay, South Gate, Paramount, Bellflower, Cerritos, Artesia, and then off into various cities in Orange County until reaching the western end of Santa Ana.  The massive transportation project could cost up to $7 billion to build.  This would provide Orange County with their first Light Rail, didn’t notice that at first.

Orange County’s first Light Rail

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