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The Round-Up: Park Hills Garden Party

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Was Beautiful!  Better late than never, here are some pictures I snapped while at the Windsor Hills View Park Garden Tour.  I saw some spectacular gardens, from live jazz bands to hand crafted mask to backyard oasis’s.  I’m extremely thrilled to have attended the event and glad that Windsor Hills and View Park residents take the time to put on this event on to showcase some of the gems of the hills however it makes me sad to know the event comes bi-annually.  One of the garden owners I came in contact with was Penny, who was new to the garden tour however showcased an superb garden featuring tall and healthy cacti plants. Penny taught for years in the valley but stated the Park Hills area caught her interested when noticed people similar to herself living in what is an extremely beautiful area in the middle of everything.  Penny’s garden was significantly stunning to me because of the hand crafted mask created by Penny herself over the course of her teaching career, which were featured all around the her garden.  Simply amazing, check out the pics for yourself.

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