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Critical Updates on the Crenshaw Subway Effort & the Expo Line Rail Safety Scandal


Critical Meeting Monday June 3, 2012 6-8pm 

Crenshaw DWP Auditorium | 4030 Crenshaw Blvd |  (At MLK – next to Krispy Kreme)

There have been significant developments in our Crenshaw-LAX Line efforts to secure a station at Leimert Park Village and to reopen the door on the Park Mesa Heights tunnel.

Additionally, in large part due to the reporting by Dan Weikel of the LA Times, a bright light is being shined on MTA’s defective and unethical rail safety culture with particular focus on the unsafe Expo Line.  What has broken so far in the media barely scratches the surface.  We’ve discussed some elements that have yet to be made public regarding MTA’s Expo Line scandals with a former Asst. US Attorney and their quote was: “It looks like someone is definitely going to be fired, and someone may be going to jail.”

Back in the wee months of 2011, County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Mark Ridley-Thomas motioned to grade-separate the planned Crenshaw Light Rail Line for twelve blocks from 48th Street to 59th Street along the Crenshaw Corridor and would require the construction of a station at Leimert Park.  Both grade-separating the Crenshaw Line and the Leimert Park Station are listed as “optional” in Metro’s most recent corridor studies.  To pay for the grade-separation and new station, Ridley-Thomas asks Metro to identify funding sources “including but not limited to” Measure R funds for the Expo Line and for the Green Line to LAX, the Arbor-Vitae interchange project and sales of “surplus property” along the right-of-way that won’t be used.  The Crenshaw Line will run below-grade for the rest of the route along Crenshaw Boulevard.  Heres a statement released by Hyde Park Organizational Partnership for Empowerment (HOPE):

“HOPE believes the rail line should be underground in our community for many reasons. The thought of 225-ton trains running 40 mph at street-level down the middle of Crenshaw Blvd is daunting.  Even if the (mostly black-owned) small businesses survive the four long years of disruptive street construction, after the line is built Crenshaw Blvd will lose half its parking.  With trains crossing every 2½ minutes during rush hour, traffic congestion will worsen. The safety risk to motorists and pedestrians, particular our children, is concerning.  A similar rail line, MTA’s Blue Line, which runs through black/brown communities of Compton, Willowbrook, Watts and South L.A. has killed over 100 people, including many children, in over 875 accidents.  Thousands more have been injured.”

Got My Vaseline and My Sweats On! I’m Ready!

LATimes on the Leimert Park Station

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