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Leimert Park Village With A Subway

I actually came across this some years ago when this was first introduces into the world but I wanted to make sure I presented to the  SouthLA World.  The picture above depicts a Leimert Park Village with what is now an uncertain, subway station, what looks like a promenade, and two (2) Mixed-Use multi-story buildings.  One of the mixed-use buildings will be a Mixed-Use Park and Ride which will host 2-3 levels of subterranean parking, ground floor retail and parking, Office & TV/radio studio space and a Rooftop Terrace.  The other mixed-use building will be a Mixed-Use Cultural Building with ground floor retail and anchor The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture dubbed “Schomburg West.”  This new Leimert Park would also host a remodeled Vision Theater, which is currently under construction.

The proposed and soon to be under construction Crenshaw Line is currently being developed as an at-grade (street level) light rail train which goes underground right before Leimert Park and resurface after Martin Luther King Blvd, but doesn’t actually stop at Leimert Park.

LA Streets on Leimert Park Subway Station

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