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Tom Bradley Elementary Needs Our Help!

Each year, 5th graders are taken to Washington D.C. to get a close-up on how their government really works. The class spends their time studying the history and operations carried out in Washington.

The trip acts as a live demonstration of all that they’ve learned in class. They visit the Capitol, the Monuments, the home of Frederick Douglas, Mount Vernon, Air & Space Museum, the Memorials, the Treasury Building, Howard University, and many other sites. Their biggest hope is that they will see the president.

TBGAMS wants to see more African American and Hispanic leaders in the Capitol. The school is planting those seeds now that will develop into the future men and women who will lead this country one day. One of their former students is now a page for Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Several of their students are now or have attended Howard University.

They are in need of the community’s help to raise the rest of their funds at this time. A donation may help plant another seed that could lead to a future leader, legislator or president right from our own community. Every donation will be acknowledged and a thank you letter will be sent out from the students of Tom Bradley.

Do It For the Kids

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