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The Ketchup: Kaiser Buys A Fat Chunk of Marlton Square

[UPDATE] Kaiser bought 8.6 acres of the 22 acre lot known as Marlton Square behind the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall.  Also sometimes known as Santa Barbara Plaza, Marlton Square has been slated for redevelopment for a couple of decades, however the only thing to rise on the lot is a senior complex spread over 2.25 acres.  Kaiser plans to construct two offices buildings for there doctors on the corner of Marlton Avenue and Santa Rosalia Drive, according to Council-member Bernard Parks.  Marlton Square has truly fallen on hard times and any development not bring a liquor store, strip club, or anything of the sorts on the land is good development in my eyes.  Lets hope Kaiser is the catalyst to future development on Marlton Square.  The  owners of the Marlton Square land, Commercial Mortgage Managers, based out of Torrance are currently in negotiations to sell the remaining acres of Marlton Square. The CRA/LA and CMM along with input from the council office have accepted a number of bids for the retail portion of Marlton Square. The bids have been narrowed down to the best offers and there should be a developer chosen soon. The new developer will provide much needed retail services for the community as well as for Kaiser employees.

Straight From Councilmember Bernard Parks

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