Just Another Day In SouthLA

Fight For Your Community!!

Stand up for what is right! 5-6 long years of street-level construction from 48th to 60th street, along Crenshaw Blvd will kill the last African American Commercial District of Southern California.  Let alone shop, people won’t want to travel down Crenshaw.  And once the Light Rail is complete 225 ton trains will be barreling pass schools and parks at street level, making it extremely hazzardous for our children, especially those who attend View Park Prep and Crenshaw High School.   Slauson Ave. and Crenshaw Blvd will become the new “Killer King” if you will.  That intersection is busy enough as it is, add a 225 ton train.  What is now known as a tree-lined Crenshaw Blvd will be torn down and replaced with something similar to the blue line ripping thru eastern South LA.  Don’t let this happen to our community.  Along with all the other BS Metro is throwing our way they don’t even want to fund a stop at Leimert Park, however Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Marachi Plaza all as cultural hubs, all have stops along their respective lines, interesting.  First step to helping, send email to the MTA Board and Elected Officials at requesting they “Support THE PEOPLE’S MOTION to create a Park Mesa Heights Tunnel Option for the Crenshaw/LAX Line.” Second Way to help Show-Up to the Showdown @ MTA June 28, 2012 9am, 1 Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles 90012, MTA Headquarters behind Union Station.  Wear Black Shirts to show our Unity.  Buses will be provided from the Crenshaw District leaving at 7:30am.  RSVP at 323-761-6435 or


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Crenshaw Safety Video (2)

It ain’t over ’til its Unders and there is a Stop at Leimert Park

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