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Buckingham Place Finally Open

Buckingham Place Senior Residences are finally open!  Located in the Baldwin Vista neighborhood, the Buckingham Place development broke ground 10 years ago and is finally open.  This is an excellent example of how slow development moves in South Los Angeles, it shouldn’t have taken this long for a development of this size to open.  However,  all in all I’m happy seniors of Baldwin Vista have new residential options.  Along with A Coming Soon Kaiser Permanente, Buckingham Place was developed on the eastern edge of Marlton Square, which is showing slight signs of a revitalization, but if things move as fast as Buckingham Place did, I hope I’m around to see it (I’m only 24).  Buckingham Place features 70 new units including one manager’s unit. It is a four-story building made up of both one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. These affordable units target low¥ to moderate-income seniors. The property also has a community room and a courtyard area equipped with benches and outside barbeques.

Finally Open!

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