Just Another Day In SouthLA

MTA Showdown THURSDAY 9AM MTA Headquarters

Show-Up to the Showdown @ MTA June 28, 2012 9am, 1 Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles 90012, MTA Headquarters behind Union Station.   RSVP at 323-761-6435 or

The negative consequences of MTA trains crossing congested intersections like Slauson every 2½ minutes during rush hours is bad enough, but the impact to our community goes beyond traffic. To squeeze street-level tracks in the middle of Crenshaw from 48th to 9th, MTA has to eliminate nearly half the street-parking; prohibit left turns at streets like 54th; close mid-block pedestrian crossings; and cut down the mature trees in the median. These permanent roadway changes, on top of 4-5 long years of disruptive street-level construction, will kill the Crenshaw economy and thwart our community’s revitalization dreams. Simply look at what MTA’s median street-level design has done toWashington Blvdwith the Blue Line: more blight, more traffic, and no new development. We cannot let MTA doom Crenshaw to the same fate! The history of building regional transportation projects at the expense of and with limited benefit to our communities must not be repeated on Crenshaw! A full subway underCrenshaw   Blvdwill force MTA to utilize tunnel-mining technology, which minimizes street-level disruption during construction and keeps our roadway intact. Upon completion, the subway will increase transportation capacity, and be the catalyst to revitalize Crenshaw with more community economic development, businesses, and jobs. We deserve no less!

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