The Forum VS The Staple Center

Owners of the Madison Square Garden finalized their purchase of The Forum last month and it may have Staple Center Owner, Tim Leiweke, a little worried.  According to Curbed, Leiweke had such to say:

Vague racism!: AEG was “quick to raise questions about the security of the neighborhood surrounding the Forum.” Leiweke says “We are very certain of our customer experience, their safety and the vibrancy of our campus.”

Invoking city pride!: “We are going to vigorously protect our own town.”

Straight up swagger!: “If we go from doing 250 to 240 events a year we’ll be just fine.”

What competition?: “Leiweke said, ‘it’s not about competing with us, it’s about competing with other B venues in town,’ such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Long Beach Arena and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.”

Within the agreement of the purchase of The Forum, MSG must invest $50 million into renovations.  They paid $23.5 million for the facility and will start work this year on the renovation. The makeover is intended to turn the Forum into a top-flight concert hall and will take at least a year.  With the sell of The Forum, The Hollywood Park Tomorrow Project has also surfaced and work is slated to begin early next year.

ReBirth of The Forum

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