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Round-Up: 2nd Mixer

Last night I attended’s 2nd event catering to helping people find roomates in this crazy LA market.  I wanted to commend MeetMingleMove on an amazing event and also commend Patrick Lynch (pictured above), founder and creator of  Patrick birthed the idea after having a crazy roommate experience himself.  The MeetMingleMove website was officially launched in 210.  Patrick choose an amazing location to host the second mixer, 1600 Vine, the residences attached to The Residences at the W Hotel.  The event was located in what I believe was one of a series of party/event rooms in the complex, which were extremely nice.  Upon entry you were given 2 drink tickets to a nice bar selection and a chance to participate in a raffle (where I won one of the gift cards, YAY!!)  There were approximately 50 people in attendance, all mixing and mingling in search of new roommates and having a good time.  Patrick’s hopes to begin doing 2 events a month, and gave me a little insight that the next event will be somewhere in the Santa Monica/Culver City area.   Its extremely hard to live in LA on your own unless your an heiress or pretty well established, so basing a mixer where people can come together on the sole purpose of finding a roommate is an amazing idea.  The only advice I could offer MeetMingleMove are maybe some icebreaker games to get everything going otherwise everything was great and I would push MixMingleMove to keep up the good  work.

Hopefully MeetMingleMove and SouthLA will get a chance to work together, **wink wink**.  I also want to thank Guest of a Guest for allowing me to feature their pictures.

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Meet Mingle Move

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