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Round-Up: MTA Showdown

So this was my first MTA Board Meeting, and I’m somewhat speechless.  Besides starting a clear 45 minutes late the whole meeting seemed somewhat of a joke, to MTA in my own opinion.  Citizens, Community Represents, and all others wanting to voice concern on MTA projects in their respective areas are only given a minute to speak, MTA offers little to no reponse after each comment unless it was a direct question on a projects inter working.  The Crenshaw Coalition was unable to get there buses as planned that were suppose to leave the Crenshaw District for Downtown (hope nothing went terribly wrong), however Crenshaw residents of all ethnicities, ages, and background were still present and voice their concerns with an at grade (street level) rail down Crenshaw Blvd.  LOL, but the highlight of my morning, I believe a Valley Resident speaking on the Orange Line, was told previous to the board meeting she would have 5 minutes to cover the various topics she had, however Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the Resident she now had 48 seconds to speak after she voiced her concern on only having a minute to cover her various material, he later apologized and granted her 4mins, being he really only gave her a minute at first.  It just seemed as if the Board Members really didn’t care, one even laughed as a resident spoke on a matter that was extremely important to the resident speaking( you could tell in his voice, he was pissed).  IMO, the meeting was only established to let residents to gripe and feel as if they’re voices are being heard, but from the faces I saw sitting in front of me, even after being 45 minutes late they still needed to wake up.  Here are some photos I snapped.

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This entry was posted on July 3, 2012 by in Crenshaw District, Metro.
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