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The KetchUp: Jordan Downs Redevelopment

If you missed our first post, yep, they are tearing down the public housing community known as Jordan Downs.  Major development is slated for area and the LA Housing Authority is moving right along as planned.  The Los Angeles Housing Authority Board chose developers for a $1-billion effort to redevelop the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts, a crucial step toward revitalizing one of the city’s poorest and most violence-plagued neighborhoods.  Plans call for the current 700 units to be demolished and replaced with 1800 new homes in the form of a urban village.  More than a third of the units would be reserved for families now living in the dilapidated two-story buildings, many of whom pay little rent and have lived in public housing for generations. But officials also envision selling several hundred units at market rate, and hope to make the new community inviting to retailers and more affluent residents.

I’m Moving To Watts

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