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The KetchUp: NFL Commish Lov’in The Idea of LA

Stating that he finally believe Stadium conditions are moving in a more suitable direction, LA might be ready for an NFL Team or maybe even two(2),  Commissioner Roger Goodell has established guidelines for the potential move of a a franchise to the area.  Great news for South LA, Goodell added that “We are also exploring the availability of other sites in the Los Angeles area,” which the LAT believes are probably Carson and at Hollywood Park in Inglewood.  Carson can definitely host a NFL at the Home Depot Center, however the plans for Hollywood Park Tomorrow( I think I have expressed my hatred of the name of Hollywood Park when its right smack dab in the middle of Inglewood, no where near Hollywood) are already but I’m sure Mayor Butts Will make the necessary changes if the NFL Commish comes barring gifts in the form of little green presidents  . And he stipulated that in order for a team to move, a solid stadium deal has to be in place, the team has to have exhausted options in its current market, and there has to be an alternative site (like the Coliseum or Rose Bowl) that can host until the stadium is ready. He emphasized that the league as whole will make the call on the move–two-thirds of teams will have to approve any plan.

Goodell says the league isn’t really considering expansion right now, but any existing teams who want to move to LA will have to apply between January 1 and February 15, 2013. The league will probably take a vote at its annual meeting in March 2013.

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Yea We’re Getting a NFL Team…2

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