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Why Be Central When You Can Be Grand? Los Angeles Grand Park

Los Angeles Grand Ave Civic Park is nearing completion!  How everything else in LA opens in phase as will this, the first chunk of Grand Avenue Civic Center Park will begin opening in just a month.  The park stretches from the Dorthy Music Pavilion to City Hall’s steps.  Politicians and stakeholders will hold a dedication ceremony for the park at the restored Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain on July 26. Only half of the park will open on that day–the section from Grand Avenue to Hill Street, across the street from the Music Center.  Now on July 28, however, theres talk about a dance party (thought those were the only type of parties).   The public inaugural of the park will include a celebration of National Dance Day, an event founded by producer Nigel Lythgoe of So You Think You Can Dancefame. “This event will be a great example of the type of fun, interactive and entertaining activities Grand Park will host for years to come,” says Thor Steingraber, vice president of programming at the Music Center, which will provide the entertainment for the event.

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Grand Civic Park LA

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