The KetchUp: Metro 110 Express Lanes

So it turns out that the soon to be Express Lanes (The Carpool Lanes along the 110 North and South between the 105 and the 10, as well as the 10 fwy between DTLA and the 605 ) is a one year pilot program overseen by Metro, Caltrans, and some other Mobility Groups.

To access ExpressLanes on the 10 and 110, car owners will need to purchase a “FasTrack” responder that will automatically deduct the toll cost from a credit card connected to the responder.  An owner can list as many cars as he or she wants on the transponder.  Each time the vehicle passes underneath a toll collection site, the account is debited to pay the toll. If a vehicle does not have a transponder or if a transponder is not detected at the Toll Plaza, a camera photographs the vehicle and its license plate for processing. If the license plate is registered as belonging to a FasTrak user, the account is debited only the toll charge, and no penalty is charged.  If there is no FasTrack account, the owner of the vehicle is charged for using the lane and issued a ticket.  Some say that this primary for the rich allowing them to buy their way out of traffic…. Oh well, the customer service center opens Summer 2012 and tolling begins Fall 2012.

Metro Express Lanes

Purchase Fastrak Here

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