Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Getting Major Overhaul

To be honest I didn’t know this place existed, but it seems like it been busting at the seams with patients.  Well now Harbor-UCLA is getting ready for a huge make over.  The goal of the new plan is to more efficiently provide health care services, revitalize the neighborhood, and enhance business, education and job opportunities for the community. To that end the long-term plan substantially reconfigures the campus.  Pulled from County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas :

For example, mental health, outpatient and specialty care services that have been housed in bungalows throughout the campus will be consolidated into three new buildings. The plan also increases the availability of campus parking, expands hospital beds, and incorporates new retail space. Notably, the master plan includes community walking paths, roof top gardens, and green open space for recreational community use. Lastly, it also consolidates the LA BioMedical Institute bungalows into a smaller footprint allowing for additional growth on the campus. Over the last year, community engagement throughout the master planning process has resulted in significant alternations and ultimately in a plan that better meets the needs of the community, patients, and staff it serves. Following the presentation, community members provided further comments and asked questions about the final plan.

County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas on Harbor-UCLA

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