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Know Your History: Mayor Tom Bradley

The reason LA has a skyline.  Mayor Tom Bradley made a difference. He opened City Hall and city commissions to women, minorities and the disabled. He transformed Los Angeles from a conservative, white, urban center into one of the most diversified and important cities in the world with a new skyline, vibrant downtown and revitalized financial and business districts. He positioned the growing metropolis to take its place as an international trade center. He influenced two generations of policy makers and leaders. He brought the city a glowing spot on the world stage with the 1984 Olympics – the first-ever profitable Games.

He enacted environmental reforms, powerful anti-apartheid business practices, and ordinances prohibiting discrimination against gays and lesbians and people with AIDS. He prevailed in his long struggle to reform and bring civilian control to the LAPD. He twice ran for Governor of California, losing by less than 1% the first time. If he had won, he would have been the nation’s first popularly elected African American Governor.

KYH: Mayor Tom Bradley

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