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Ports O’ Call’s Call For Redeveolpment

San Pedro’s Waterfront Community is undergoing a major transformation.  Rendering have been surfacing since 2007 but I think its finally SP’s time.  San Pedro is getting a lot of attention lately with the arrival of the USS Iowa, not to mention the chunk of land that being removed to create way for Port Plaza, well now comes the redevelopment of good ole Ports O’ Call Village.  According to City Councilmember Joe Buscanio,  The Port of LA are requesting redevelopment proposals for the 30-acre Port O’ Call Village.  Councilmember Buscanio calls for a master developer to implement a design to go along side the current aesthetic of the San Pedro Waterfront.  Originally conceived as a seaside entertainment venue  somewhat 50 years ago, many are hoping to see it return to it’s old flair.

Port O’ Call Rebirth

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