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Space Shuttle Endeavour To Orbit South LA!

Space shuttle Endeavour is being laid to rest at the California Science Center but not before touring South Los Angeles.  The Endeavour orbited the earth on 25 missions, is set to make its final journey next month, leaving the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral for the last time and arriving in Los Angeles on September 20.  Endeavour will travel piggyback atop a Boeing 747 to LAX, where it will remain in a United Airlines Hangar while engineers from NASA prepare it for its journey to the California Science Center. On October 12, the shuttle will set out on a two-day trip, traveling at 2 mph down Manchester Blvd, Crenshaw Blvd, and King Blvd, stopping in Inglewood for an official celebration and halting again at the intersection of Crenshaw and Martin Luther King boulevards. Significant crowds are expected along the route, and community celebrations and commemorative events are in the planning stages. Actress and choreographer Debbie Allen will direct a celebration at the Crenshaw and King stop that will include over 200 artists featuring the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, taiko drummers, aerialists, and more.  

Space Shuttle Endeavour Via South LA

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