Just Another Day In SouthLA

A Sit Down With Councilmen Herb Wesson

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hearing the first black president of the Los Angeles City Council, Councilmen Herb Wesson, speak and boy is he a riot.  Councilmen Wesson represents the 10th district of Los Angeles and was recently giving the title of President of the LA City Council, which is basically 2nd to the Mayor.  This event took place at the beautiful new Savoy  Entertainment Center hosted by the wonderful Ms. Starlett Quarles.  Councilmen Herb Wesson is one of the funniest Councilmen I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing speak.  However he is still extremely about business in the community.  Earlier this year, Councilmen Wesson stir up some commotion by annexing Marlton Square and Leimert Park into his district, however it seems as if he has really good plans for both areas.

Councilmen Wesson is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and as he states it “Came to California chasing a dream.” Wesson is the son of a blue collar family and a graduate of Lincoln University.  Something that really stuck with me in the conversation with Herb Wesson is statement that we don’t talk about slavery enough, and how we need to teach our history to our kids ourselves, which I can’t agree with more.

But back to business, something that really excited me was hearing Councilmen Wesson say not only will LA host a NFL team, but we should be hosting two(2) NFL Teams [super excited and I’m not even a football fan…. I’m a LA Fan tho].  Councilmen Wesson also spoke a little more on the Leimert Park Village redevelopment where he stated “Leimert Park should be a legacy project for our Community,” which to my understanding meant it shouldn’t just be one person’s vision, we as a community should constantly be building on to Leimert Park as the generations pass.  I truly enjoyed hearing Councilmen Herb Wesson and encourage you to do the same the next time an opportunity arises, this man knows what hes doing.  Also don’t be shocked if you see Councilmen Wesson name on an upcoming ballot for Mayor……  Check out our Facebook page for a couple clips of Councilmen Herb Wesson speaking at the Savoy.

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