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Three New Schools Open In South LA

I am slightly perplexed however to my knowledge three new high schools on one campus, Augustus Hawkins High School.  The three schools are Critical Design and Gaming, Community Health Advocates and Responsible Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship have opened to help relieve the over-crowding Crenshaw, Manual Arts and Fremont.  Now all three schools are located on the Augustus Hawkins High School Complex, located at 825 W. 60th Street near Slauson and Hoover.  “Students at these schools will be privy to innovative teaching techniques and specialty curriculum’s interwoven into Los Angeles Unified School District’s regular reading, writing and arithmetic requirements, said school officials.”  So it seems as if these schools are, shall I say, specialty schools where students will focus on special skills.  Each school has a capacity of 400-500 students and when operating all grades.  The project totaled at $89,300,000, who said LAUSD is broke?  If anyone has more information I would love to be educated on whats going on here.

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Read more at the Sentinel

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