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Space Shuttle Tree Removal

Something has been recently brought to my attention by one of our loyal followers.  In preparation for the Endeavour Space Shuttle to make its epic journey to the California Science Center in Exposition Park from LAX, the city of Inglewood and Los Angeles are cutting down a total of 400 trees in the more “urban” parts of LA.  Some people remain skeptical that the tree cutting follows the same route as the LAX/Crenshaw Line and and think this is method to fast track the project.  The city of Inglewood argues that the trees wear a burden on the cities infrastructure, causing cracks and breaks in the sidewalk and streets and are grateful for the removal of the trees.  I just hope this means new trees.

In Inglewood, 128 trees have been removed along Manchester Boulevard and Crenshaw Drive over the past two weeks. Another 131 trees will be uprooted near Los Angeles International Airport. In total, more than 400 trees will be removed to accommodate the retired shuttle’s trip.  Many of the Inglewood trees were ficus. Their large roots have created headaches for city officials, breaking through sidewalks and disrupting sewer lines.

Endeavour, which reaches five stories in height and has a wingspan of 78 feet, and will roll down Manchester from LAX to Crenshaw, then go north Crenshaw to King Blvd (where there will a huge celebration) where it will then travel east down King to Expo Park.

The California Science Center is picking up the tab for removal of the trees and replanting new ones. For every tree removed, officials from the science center have agreed to plant two higher quality trees in its place. Replanting will begin by the end of October and continue through early 2013. The California Science Center Foundation also will provide two years of tree maintenance.

Bye Bye Trees

2 comments on “Space Shuttle Tree Removal

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  2. Its a shame to see when trees are starting to outgrow their planting areas in public, it means the state and government are going to get involved due to power line danger and other hazards that are possible.

    -Tony Salmeron

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