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Endeavour Is Here!! Now Comes the Worst Traffic In South LA

Ok we spoke about the street closures, about the tree cutting, but now comes the headache, traffic due to street closures.  If u missed the giant shuttle flying piggy back on an even bigger jumbo jet that shut down the 105 near LAX, well you missed what so many people for some reason were simply dropped-dead astonished by, well yea sometime last week the Endeavour landed at LAX.  Next step, it has to make way to Expo Park from the airport, so October 12th and 13th South LA will experience what the Westside has been dealing with with the 405 closures, they call it Carmageddon, I call it the Devils Wrath Upon LA.  The route starts down Manchester to Crenshaw then on to King.  Yep so for two crazy days expect extreme delays within  the South LA area.  Excuse me if I sound somewhat “relaxed” on this topic, Endeavor, not the traffic, I just don’t see the significance of all this while LA still has a district officially (governed) named Skid Row where many residents call cardboard  and tarps shelter…… How much did all this cost again? Yeaaaaa….

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