Geared Up For The 7th Annual Taste of Soul

Los Angeles’s largest streetfare is gearing back for a another day of great food, great music, and great people.  October 20 marks the 7th Annual Taste of Soul on Crenshaw Blvd between Stocker and Rodeo.  Make sure you come out and enjoy amazing food and a day of family fun.

7th Annual Taste of Soul LA

2 thoughts on “Geared Up For The 7th Annual Taste of Soul

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  2. I called the # given on one of the sites I went to for information on the Taste of Soul event. I called the number because I could not find an answer to a question I had and this number was supposed to be one to answer any questions. After being put on hold FOUR TIMES ( the rep kept coming to me and than asking me to hold), I finally got to ask my question. The lady (and I use that term loosely) practically shouted the answer back at me and was really rude. I am surprised that by calling a number advertised to help you that it would be manned by someone who seems to be bothered by people CALLING FOR HELP. I really hope that you look into this. If someone answering a help line cannot be civil with the people calling for help, that person should be put elsewhere. I truly hope that the people manning booths at the affair are not as rude as this person was or I don’t see how this can be success.This operator did not make me feel in ANY WAY like I would want to participate in this event. Thank you for your indulgence.

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