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Petition For Trader Joe’s To Come To The Crenshaw District

Well it seems there’s some talk about a Trader Joe’s hitting the heart of the Crenshaw District, it’s actually proposed for the project dubbed Crenshaw District Square.  According to Jefferson Park United, Trader Joe’s recently expressed interest in opening up shop at Crenshaw and Rodeo, replacing the proposed Ralphs store that was planned to anchor the Crenshaw District Square project.  I feel an overwhelming since of pride upon seeing  my community get behind issues that matter to them and create vehicles to address them, well this vehicle is a petition.  To make sure we see a Trader Joe’s over a Ralphs, a petition has been created.  Trader Joe’s is specifically trying to gauge the level of community support, so they can decide whether or not to proceed.   Please take a moment to stop by Jefferson Park United’s page and read over and sign the petition to bring  reasonably priced fresh and organic produce to the Crenshaw.

Sign the Petition

What’s a Trader Joe’s?

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