Know Your History: Park, Heights, Hills

Ladera Heights, Baldwin Hills, View Park, and Windsor Hills make up the largest, wealthiest, predominately African American community in the country.  For those not familiar with the area, imagine one big hill, on the west side of the hill there is Ladera Heights, on the north, Baldwin Hills, to the east, View Park, and to the south, Windsor Hills.  Until racial restrictive covenants were lifted in 1948, African Americans were unable to purchase homes in these areas, similar to Jews not being able to purchase west of Labrea (which gave to the formation of Hancock Park, The Jewish Beverly Hills) and not until  the 1980s did Park, Heights, Hills fully become the mecca for middle,  upper-middle, and upper class African Americans after black entertainers and athletes began moving to the area.  Ladera Heights is often the priciest of the four areas since it offers gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.  Ladera is portioned into three sections, known as “Upper Ladera,” “Lower Ladera” and “Old Ladera”. Upper Ladera includes all houses north of Slauson in between La Cienega Blvd and Shenandoah Ave, while Lower Ladera (the larger of the two) consists of all houses south of Slauson in between Wooster and La Cienega. Old Ladera is the small area just east of La Cienega and south of Slauson.

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Obama Has Breakfast In View Park

North Hill: Baldwin Hills

South-East Hill: Windsor Hills- View Park 

West Hill: Ladera Heights

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