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New Bridge Coming To Kenneth Hahn State Park

Also being deemed the Baldwin Hills Gateway, being that it marks the entrance to the Baldwin Hills Parklands, the bridge over Labrea that grants access to the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park is getting  some necessary attention.  The 8 foot rails/screens along the bridge are designed by sculptor Cliff Garten, and inspired by Gartens idea on green spaces.  According to Curbed LA, the whole area is suppose be getting a huge Mia Leher + Associates design makeover over the next 3 decades……ummm Baldwin Hills did you guys know about this?  From what I can see the plans look a little boring to me and  I also feel it would be nice if  the name “Baldwin Hills” was actually incorporated into the bridge and will be writing to Councilmember Bernard Parks as well as Mr. Garten to see how this can become necessary, please do the same if you agree.

Baldwin Hills Gateway

Email Mr. Garten @

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