‘Taste of Soul’ 2012

Better late than never, but SouthLA would like send a huge THANK YOU to Danny Bakewell Sr. and the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper and all other affiliates for putting on the 7th Annual ‘Taste of Soul’.  With a crowd exceeding 300,000 I think I can definitely say this was more than successful and TOS is truly becoming like no other event in Country!  If you some how missed this amazing event, over 400 vendors supplied good food and a variety of other merchandise to more than 300,000 people along a 1.1 mile radius of the Crenshaw Blvd. corridor for approximately nine hours at the 7th annual ‘Taste of Soul’ Family Festival last Saturday, October 20th.

 “Taste of Soul” has become the largest assembly of Black Businesses in Los Angeles.  The event has become such a phenomenon that local Black businesses are emerging from booth renter to employer and large established corporations, like Chevy and Broadway Federal Bank and government agencies, such as Metro Transportation Authority (MTA), are providing jobs to those who were once collecting unemployment.”

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Photo Courtesy of Leimert Park Beat, CBS Los Angeles, and The Subway Joyride Blog

Thank You Letter From Danny Bakewell Sr.

The Evolution of ‘Taste of Soul’


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