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Rent-a-Car For A Couple Of Minutes In The South Bay

LA is finally starting to realize the South Bay is more than just beaches, people live down here too.  With an effort to improve mobility in  the South Bay and hopefully to make the Southern Beach Area of Los Angeles County less suburban slew of other projects have surfaced.  Well we haven’t seen everything yet, last week a minute rent-a-car for the south bay area was proposed at the El Segundo City Council meeting.  Daimler, an European automaker, launched four years ago, is now looking to expand into the U.S. targeting cities such as  Austin, Texas, and Portland, Oregon, and now offering 35 square mile radius of service to nine South Bay Cities.  The service is being championed by the South Bay Coalition of Governments (COG) as part of its ongoing efforts to promote local use vehicles, both as a means of reducing air pollution and increasing the mobility of the local workforce.

This new service would allow members to pay a one-time membership fee and rent small cars by the minute.  Members would receive a  small card, be able to locate cars using a smartphone app (so if you don’t have a smartphone I guess this not for you, but wait who doesn’t have a smartphone, yea I don’t) Members walk up to the car, slide their card, open the car, login to the onboard “telematic” system, and drive away – all gas, insurance, street parking and other operational costs are included in fees, which range from 39 cents per minute to $13.99 an hour to $72 per day.

Jacki Bacharach, COG executive director, told the City Council that one of the hurdles locally for Car2Go was the “gymnastics” required to get nine different municipalities to approve the service, which will require city permits. The service is proposed for El Segundo, Redondo, Manhattan, and Hermosa Beach, Hawthorne, Lomita, Lawndale, Gardena, and Torrance.

Yep, by the Minute

2 comments on “Rent-a-Car For A Couple Of Minutes In The South Bay

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  2. Razvan
    January 10, 2013

    This is a good idea and I’m sure people will love it. I saw a similar idea at a rent a car Brasov center and people were very excited to have the option to rent a car for one hour or for 30 minutes to solve a quick problem.
    Now it’s up to the authorities to finish this project and attract people.

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